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St. Louis

Erin Gooch

Erin was born, raised and even attended college locally in St. Louis (Fontbonne University Graduate). She is a wife to Craig, a bonus mom to Chloe (21) and a mom to Teddy (5). The family resides in Town & Country. Erin’s world was turned upside down when she learned her son,Teddy, was born with a common form of Dwarfism, called Achondroplasia. After a few months of struggling with her sons diagnosis, she reluctantly jumped into the special needs world. It’s a challenging and different world, but she is realizing more and more each day that it has just as much, if not more, beauty inside of it. Even though I feel like I’m on a constant hamster wheel of navigating the special needs parenting path, Teddy has taught our family and friends more than we could imagine. Erin is passionate about helping parents teach their kids about different disabilities. She believes raising kind hearted kids starts in their homes. She is also passionate in helping other parents navigate the medical and therapy world. It’s not a world built for the passive type, which she quickly learned. When she is not carting Teddy back and forth to school, therapies, activities and numerous doctors visits she enjoys exercising, walks with her friends and drinking a cocktail while finally watching The Today Show at 9:00pm before bed.
a field of tulips with a windmill in the background

Windmills, Tulips, & Rembrandts

In this post, I will be referencing “Welcome to Holland,” written by Emily Perl Kingsley in 1987. It’s a must-read for every new special needs mom or, honestly, new mom. Click below for a...
a mom snuggled up in a hospital bed with her child

Parents Guide to Navigating Pediatric Medicine

Navigating Pediatric Medicine can be a full-time job. Knowing what to expect can have a tremendous impact.   It all started moments after my son was born, not breathing. It wasn’t a typical birth experience, to...

Things to Never Say to a Mom of a Child with Special Needs

If you know a mom who has a child that requires special needs, rather that be due to a disability, rare condition, learning development, medical condition, etc., you probably want to let them know...