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Erica Morrison

Erica is a native St. Louisian who lives in Webster Groves with her husband and two boys, ages 5 and 7. After living in Minnesota and Nashville, Tennessee for 7 years, they moved back home to St. Louis in 2014. Erica taught high school English for ten years, but has been on a temporary hiatus from the classroom to try out professional boy-wrangling. When she is not overseeing the manufacturing of sticks into weapons, she loves to exercise and read. Erica's hobbies include cooking, wine, hiking/camping, and travel.

Thanksgiving vs. Thanks”saying”: Encouraging Our Kids To Feel Gratitude

‘Tis the season to be thankful! The seasonal decor aisles in every store are encouraging this important sentiment. “Give Thanks” is written in cursive script across reclaimed barnwood signs. “Be Thankful” is directed by...

When Life Gives You Lemons (or Breast Cancer): Savoring Motherhood in Difficult Seasons

Last December, just a couple weeks before Christmas, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In those initial days following the news, I wrestled through every unpleasant emotion known to the human soul: fear, anger,...

Wacky Walls at Upper Limits is a Win for Winter Fun

This post and experience is sponsored by Upper Limits Climbing Gym but all opinions are that of the writer.  Dried brittle pine needles have blanketed my floor and new toys sprawl out across every flat...

Why I Can’t Quit Facebook

Ah…the holiday hustle is here.  The December dash is in full swing and while the to-do list is mostly filled with fun time guzzlers like merry-making errands, seasonal soirees, and hall-decking, I’m still finding...

Santa and the Tooth Fairy vs. The Budding Thinker: An Epic Battle of Childhood

As Halloween approached this year, I fielded lots of questions about the creatures and critters that haunt the season.  Who is Frankenstein? Are vampires real? What’s a zombie?  I am quick to quell all the fears...

Mommy Tantrums

Most days, my husband leaves for work before the boys and I are out of bed. Mondays are the only day that he gets to stick around for a glimpse of our morning routine:...

“I’ll Love You Forever, But I Don’t Like You ALWAYS.”

I love you, but I don’t like you.  It’s a blasphemous remark to make about your own children, but I must confess that it’s the way I’ve been feeling lately as I plod through a...

Back to School: Mommy’s Gap Year

My youngest son started kindergarten last week and I’m feeling all the typical feels. For starters, I am lamenting the end of an era: the memories of meandering morning strolls and afternoon playdates fade...

Lessons of Art and Soul

When I was a child, I loved arts and crafts.  There were no My Little Ponies or Pound Puppies on my Christmas list, only dreams of new markers, oil pastels, and embroidery floss. In...

Top Tips for Traveling with Kids (Part II)

In my last post, I discussed our passion for traveling with our kids. Whether you are dreaming of an international expedition or an overnight at a local wilderness lodge, here are some general guidelines...