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Erica Morrison

Erica Morrison
Erica is a native St. Louisian who lives in Webster Groves with her husband and two boys, ages 5 and 7. After living in Minnesota and Nashville, Tennessee for 7 years, they moved back home to St. Louis in 2014. Erica taught high school English for ten years, but has been on a temporary hiatus from the classroom to try out professional boy-wrangling. When she is not overseeing the manufacturing of sticks into weapons, she loves to exercise and read. Erica's hobbies include cooking, wine, hiking/camping, and travel.
two boys sitting at a table doing homework

A Declaration for Independence

Welcome independence along with the new school year.   Like most parents, I’m struggling with a variety of parenting anxieties as we settle back into the screen-routine for school. The questions nag persistently in...

The Calm of Cooking

Cooking has always been a treasured hobby for me.  For more than a decade, I have subscribed to nearly every culinary magazine in print, and my Instagram feed definitely holds more brightly colored portraits...

“Summer Rules!”: Transitioning from “HomeSchool” to “HomeSummer”

Summer is Here! “Yay, Summer!….”Wait, it’s Summer?” My boys closed the laptops on the last day of virtual school and engaged in a joyful but confused and somewhat hesitant celebration of the new season. The...

The Pandemic Gift of Play: Something for the Whole Family to Enjoy

One of the pandemic silver linings has been discovering the gift of play and having time each day to leisurely unwrap it.   “It’s 10:00!" I herald. My voice echoes throughout the main floor of our...
Paper cut speech bubbles with social media concepts on wooden background

Why I Have Decided to Social Distance from Social Media

Erica is the first to admit that she relies on Facebook to find real connection in this virtual world, however, at a time when social media is changing minute by minute to keep up...
Controlling mom arguing with dad

The Control Freak Mama: A Cautionary Tale

One of the biggest sources of contention in my marriage is when I micromanage my husband’s parenting. I don’t mean to do it, but it often just slips out, usually in a moment of...
blocks that say 39 years as the 39 turns to 40

Forty with Fortitude: Happily Skipping ‘Over the Hill’

At the end of this month, I turn the much-fussed-about 40. As a child of 1980, I get the bonus of beginning each new decade with what Hallmark labels a “milestone birthday.” This means...

The Mom Whisperer: How I Realized I Was a Yeller

A few weeks back, I came down with a classic respiratory bug. A handful of times per season, this superbug camps out in my body and always overstays its welcome. The typical course is...

Thanksgiving vs. Thanks”saying”: Encouraging Our Kids To Feel Gratitude

‘Tis the season to be thankful! The seasonal decor aisles in every store are encouraging this important sentiment. “Give Thanks” is written in cursive script across reclaimed barnwood signs. “Be Thankful” is directed by...

When Life Gives You Lemons (or Breast Cancer): Savoring Motherhood in Difficult Seasons

Last December, just a couple weeks before Christmas, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In those initial days following the news, I wrestled through every unpleasant emotion known to the human soul: fear, anger,...