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Diana Waldman

A native St. Louisan, Diana lives in Creve Coeur with her husband, young son and daughter, and two dogs. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, which she uses as an excuse to be nosy regarding other people’s lives. She recently left a career in legal marketing to work part-time from home and focus on her babies (furry and otherwise). Her current parenting mantras are: “I can do it all, just not all at once,” and “It will probably be fine?” Diana gets her kicks by going for long runs, reading a mix of high-brow and low-brow literature, and seeking out activities her whole family (including the puppies!) can enjoy around town.

Living in the Lou: Clayton- There’s Always Something to Do, Day or Night!

Clayton, Missouri offers an urban vibe in the suburbs of St. Louis!   With a business district, shopping, restaurants, and parks aplenty, Clayton has lots to do— so much so, it can be overwhelming to list...
Girl eating Hudsonville Ice Cream Store

Making Summertime Sweet with Hudsonville Ice Cream

  We prefer simple, “assembly only” recipes in the summer, so we’re rounding up a few ice cream desserts that strike a balance between special and easy. We’ve leveled up these recipes by featuring Hudsonville...
an African American woman in a black and white striped dress holding up her hands in the "timeout" signal

Mom, You Get to Feel Your Feelings, Too

In case no one ever told you: Mom, your feelings matter, too.   I follow a lot of parenting and motherhood-related accounts on Instagram, and if you’re a social media user, you probably do, too.   I particularly...
a man with a beard, wearing a suit and opening a gift with a blue ribbon

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

When I recommend gifts for men for birthdays, Christmas, or Father’s Day, I tend to take a pragmatic approach. For Valentine’s Day, however, let’s spoil the men in our lives with something they want,...
Kids running with parents in background

My One and Only New Year’s Resolution: Enjoy

Learning to enjoy the season you are in can be the best resolution of all.   I love to set challenging goals for myself at the onset of each new year. 2020 taught me ... maybe...
Kids making sundaes with Hudsonville Ice Cream

Hudsonville Ice Cream: Making the Holidays Sweeter

Staying home for the holidays? Visit your local Schnucks or have your groceries delivered, and be sure to stock your cart with Hudsonville Ice Cream! As moms, we’re scrambling to ensure that the magic of...
a roaring fire in a fire pit surrounded by empty, multicolored Adirondack chairs

Celebrating Winter Holidays in 2020: Different, but Still Special

The year 2020 is all about embracing the new normal, even when it comes to celebrating winter holidays and traditions.   As summer turned to fall with no sign of the COVID-19 pandemic fading, I realized...
a mom holding her child and gazing at his face

A New Approach: Taking 2020 Day by Day

Taking 2020 day by day may be the best way to make a difference.   I spend a tremendous amount of mental energy pre-worrying. I classify pre-worrying as worrying far in advance about things that may...

Questions I’d Like to Ask My Mom: How to Sew a Bunny

Mothering without a mom doesn't mean her influence is lost. I lost my mom ten years before my first baby was born. There are so many moments I miss her physical presence as I tackle...
Baby Taking Swim Lessons

Goldfish Swim School: What to Expect from Infant Swim Classes

If you have a baby or toddler under two and are considering swim lessons, you might wonder what to expect from the experience. Will your little one master the backstroke? Well, no. Will they...