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Zoe Everette

Zoe is fulfilling her dream of being a foster mom of three (sometimes five, sometimes two) who, on the side, works full-time for an international corporation. Challenges and chaos are embraced and there is always time for more commitments, and, usually, her partner acquiesces. Zoe’s favorite activity is advocating for her foster kiddos and least favorite activity is managing the guilt of a working traveling mom. Her favorite splurges involve her neighborhood tea and pie shops and a soak in the tub. Zoe is learning the tricks of this (foster) parenting trade, one humiliating lesson at a time.
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No, I’m Not Going to Adopt My Foster Child, Stop Asking!

Foster care is intended to bridge the gap between when a child is removed from their biological family, and when they can return. This is a concept that most don't understand.   A child, torn from...

My Foster and Adopted Kids Aren’t As Special As My Brother’s

Since I was a sophomore in high school, I knew I wanted to be a foster and adoptive parent.  I never had that biological urge to mass-produce myself, and luckily, hubby felt the same way. ...

“Will You Adopt Me?”

When we started fostering, hubby and I were very clear that we were doing it with each kiddo's best interest at heart.  We didn't get into fostering because we were infertile or dreamed of...

The Realities of Being A Mandated Reporter

Knowing that you might be putting a child at risk of entering into “The System” is a scary thing.  The impact that has on the family, the child, the siblings – and being unsure...

When It Comes to A Road Trip, Don’t Ask Why, Just Go

Many people have asked me why.  Why would you drive 2,200 miles with two kids when you could fly?  I didn't have a good answer, but now, on the last day of our 9-day...

In Preparation of Saying Goodbye To Our Foster Son

The countdown is on.  Twenty-seven days until he moves out.  I have been happily swimming in denial until now.  We've known this day would come.  Sweet Alex has been with us 2.5 years, much...

Our Teenage Learning Curve

As foster parents, we’re often thrown into parenting situations we have NO IDEA how to navigate, but somehow manage to crawl our way out of. Having a 15-year-old move in was no different. In...

Adopt This Child.

We’re all very aware of those cute pet adoption ads: Sweet 2-year-old Spot was left next to the dumpster on a rainy night when his family decided they didn’t want him anymore. Spot likes to...

When Sibling Separation Is Best in Foster Care

My husband and I became licensed foster parents with the intention of keeping siblings together.  He comes from a big family, we were young and full of energy, had just bought a house and...

The Foster Care Fairy Tale

When Emerald and Hope  moved in, they were swimming in an ocean of sharks and uncertainty. Removed from their mother and step-father; without appropriate family who could take them; in their second foster home...