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Deepika Pujji

Deepika Pujji is a St. Louis native (go Colts!). After receiving her psychology and advertising degree from Boston University, she spent time working at digital ad agencies and Twitter in SF. In 2015, she received the promotion of a lifetime to full-time Mama. Deepika moved back to STL in the summer of 2020 and lives in Frontenac with her husband and two children.

Becoming a St. Louis Mom: Embracing the 3 C’s

What are the best parts about moving and being a mom in St. Louis?     A tear rolled down my cheek as the captain announced, “We are beginning our final descent into St. Louis.”  My chest...
feathered angel wings and a feathered halo on a wooden background

Losing Trust, Gaining Angels

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.   “Be thankful you have two healthy, beautiful children.”  These were the words of consolation I often received.  These were the words that left my questions unanswered.  These...