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St. Louis

Danielle Sawyer

Danielle grew up in St. Charles, and now resides in Florissant with her husband Devon, and son Harrison (age 2). Danielle is an Autism Teacher. Like the majority of her family, Danielle is deaf and hard of hearing, due to genetics. She has one cochlear implant (2018). Danielle’s hobbies include cooking/baking, riding four wheelers, sitting around a campfire, and crafting, when she has time! You can find Danielle and Harrison at some of their favorite spots: Magic House, Purina Farms, and Grant’s Farm.

First Steps: Our Journey to Services and Support

March 2021 marks one year. One year of following my gut. One year of meetings. One year of multiple evaluations. One year of countless appointments. One year of advocating for my son. All during...
a boy on a bed with a cast on his broken leg

Cast Tips: Who Told 2021 to “Break a Leg”?

Take note: these cast tips will save you if your child ever breaks a leg!   My dad always told me, “When your child is hurt, you feel it.” When my 3-year-old son broke his leg...
a close-up of a hand holding a house shaped key chain

Moving Tips: What to Do When the Market is Hot, Hot, Hot

Do you have a big move in your future? Here are some essential moving tips to make the process run smoothly!   We have been searching for our dream home off and on for the last...
a black cat crossing a road

Friday the 13th: An Unlucky Birth Story

Friday, October 13th.   Besides Jason and Freddy, black cats, walking under a ladder, and breaking a mirror, it's a day known for bad luck.   While pregnant, I envisioned the perfect birth, including soaking in a hot...

Sensory Bins: Autism Teacher Approved, Budget Friendly

Discover Sensory bins as a tool to help navigate learning. 2020 is a messy year. One word: Chaos. Our planners went into the trash. Our routines went out the window. With many at home full-time doing virtual...

A Cochlear Implant Journey: Hearing my Son

Every mother longs to hear her newborn child. The cry. That sweet coo. Those babbles. That first word. Imagine having a horrible ear infection. Clogged ears. Muffled sounds. That’s what it was like to...

A Cochlear Implant Journey: He Loved Me First, The Dance

I loved her first I held her first And a place in my heart will always be hers.   These lyrics from Heartland’s “I Loved Her First” are simple but meaningful words. Words many listen to on that...