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Danielle Sawyer

Danielle resides in O’Fallon with her husband Devon, two boys Harrison and Nolan, and three dogs! Danielle is a local Autism Teacher, who advocates for all abilities. Danielle and her son are both deaf/ hard of hearing— they’re a hearing aid/ cochlear implant household. Danielle’s hobbies include baking, riding four wheelers, exploring their property, sitting around a campfire, board games, and pinteresting crafts she most likely will never do! You can find The Sawyers at some of their favorite spots: Magic House, Big Joel’s Safari, and Indian Camp Creek!
a row of gift bags for teacher gifts

Easy Teacher Gifts: Christmas Edition

Show some love with these creative teacher gifts!   Looking for a unique (and something they’ll actually use) teacher gift this holiday season? Look no further for tips and ideas from a current teacher! First and foremost...

Kansas City: A Quick Weekend Getaway

Looking for a quick getaway before school starts or over an upcoming long weekend? Kansas City is the place to go!   Check out our toddler-approved Kansas City list: Science City Union Station: 30 W Pershing Rd This was...
a boy on a tree house swing

Summer Fun Schedule: Add Routines (and Fun) into your Summer

Instead of winging it, try a summer fun schedule!   Now that we are about halfway through summer … Are you in a slump? Need activity ideas? Fall out of your routines? Here are some ideas to get you...

The Summer Alphabet Challenge: Kids Edition

Get out and about with this Summer Alphabet Challenge for the whole family!   Recently, my husband and I started a monthly ABC Date Night Challenge where we dedicate one night a month to a local...
The Thaxton Speakeasy in St. Louis, Missouri

Taking Date Night to the Next Level: The Alphabet Challenge

When’s the last time you had a date night?   Between cleaning baby bottles and stepping on hot wheels … our date nights slowly became nonexistent.     Six months after baby number 2, we decided to get back...
a journal open with sticky notes on the pages, and a clip bookmark that says, “do it'

Lessen the Load of a Working Mom

Working moms can’t do it all so how do you lessen the load?   There are 168 hours within a week. On average, I work between 45-50 hours a week. I commute an average of 5-7 hours a...
a bird chirping in a tree

International Cochlear Implant Day: A Day for Hearing

February 25th is International Cochlear Implant Day.   A clock ticking. Leaves crunching. Rain pattering. Birds chirping. Normal day-to-day sounds. Sounds I never heard … for 29 years. My newborn son crying. My newborn son cooing. My son’s first word. Sounds I didn’t hear …...
a woman reaching in the freezer for a freezer meal

Freezer Meals for the Postpartum Mom

While recovering from giving birth and adjusting to life with a new baby, the last thing a new mom wants to stress about is meal planning.   Well, that and laundry ...   If your husband or significant...
a baby and young girl playing with an activity cube

STEM Toys: Great for your Infant and Toddler’s Christmas List

Wondering what to get your little one for the holidays?  STEM Toys!   'Tis the Christmas shopping season!   While shopping for your child’s favorite character toy, also consider STEM toys. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math....
a little boy putting his hand on his mom’s pregnant belly as she gets ready for a C-section

C-section Recovery Must-Haves

Help your C-section recovery go smoother with these tips!     October 13, 2017.   My first pregnancy. I had a normal labor. Quick. I took the epidural as soon as I could. Started pushing. Then. Everything went downhill....