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Courtney Gerding

Courtney and her husband Matt were born and raised in St. Louis. Courtney stays home with their little boy, Noah and is a certified run coach and trainer. She found her passion in health and fitness through her own journey to better health, losing 50 pounds with good old fashioned diet and exercise. She has ten years of experience coaching run groups with Fleet Feet, Fit4Mom and she now coaches her own local Run Club here in St. Louis. A former 'couch potato’ to marathoner, she even ran a half marathon during each trimester of her pregnancy. Besides running, she loves early morning workouts at Burn Bootcamp, traveling, running around town in her workout clothes and baseball cap, spending time with her family and relaxing with a glass of wine! She’s all about having fun, laughing, spreading positivity, meeting new people and motivating others to live their happiest, healthiest life. She is thrilled to be a part of the STL Moms Blog team and can’t wait to share her health and fitness tips with you!

Fall Into Fitness and Kickstart Your Health

This Fall into Fitness post originally ran in September, 2019     Summer was a blast, but bring on fall!  Cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, fall foliage, outdoor fun....who else is ready?!  Fall is the perfect...
wooden steps leading down into the woods on a hiking trail, surrounded by autumn leaves on the ground

Let’s Go Hiking! | Family-Friendly Trails in St. Louis County

Looking to enjoy the beautiful foliage on a new hiking trail? Read on!   Fall is the perfect time to enjoy being outside!  The combo of the changing leaves and cooler temps makes for an ideal...
a lemon slice with straws stuck in it, with little lemon wedges in the background

It’s Okay to be NOT Okay….

For someone who builds others up, understanding that it's okay to be down can be a challenge.   It's all good! Stay positive! Half glass full! All of the above are phrases I tell myself often, especially...

Where, Oh Where, Has My Motivation Gone?

"Motivation is great, but you can't be motivated all the time.   Discipline is greater than motivation.  Discipline means doing the work even when you don't feel motivated.  Discipline means having good habits and...

Learn to Level Up in Your Life: Self-Care for Mommas

Moms: learn to level up and put your needs on the list, too.   As mommas, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind.  Making breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks (SO many snacks...
a mom with a dad carrying his son on his shoulders as they walk on a dirt road

Navigating Parenting as You Go: That’s How This Gig Works

Until you have kids, you can only guess how you will tackle the challenge of parenting. And chances are, you are going to guess wrong.   I will never forget conversations with friends or with my...
gold retirement foil balloons on a white background

Celebrating Retirement from Afar: Sending Love from a Social Distance

Special occasions, such as birthdays or a retirement, can still be celebrated despite our need to keep our distance during COVID-19.   When social distancing became our reality, all of the in-person celebrations came to a...
Young mom in sportswear exercising with her child as she bounces him on her knees

What To Do When You’re STUCK: Health and Fitness During a Quarantine

Address your health and fitness goals during the quarantine with renewed focus and be gentle on yourself.   I FEEL STUCK.   We’ve all been there mentally, physically, or both. The good news?  You are never truly...
woman and her mom with green grass and mountains behind them after a half-marathon

Half-Marathons with Mom and Making Memories Along the Way

  My Mom is proof that you can make fitness a part of your life at any age.  She’s 67 years young and runs a half-marathon with me every single year.  Talk about a ROCK...

Break the Resolution

I failed because I declared that this special "date' of January 1st would magically change it all. I would be motivated, I would be determined, I would be ready, I would WANT IT.  The...