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Courtney Haller

Courtney is a tiny human tamer, spouse, advocate, ambassador, and storyteller. And, after years of therapy, she's also unapologetically herself. Courtney is a journalist-turned-marketer spending daytime hour as a Director of Marketing and Public Relations. When the clock strikes 5 pm, the caffeine turns to wine, and the supermom cape comes out. Courtney and her husband, Kyle, are parents to Ruby (born March 2016) and Miles (born April 2018). After a life-changing battle with Postpartum Depression, Courtney found her passion for advocacy work. As an official ambassador for 2020 Mom, she brings awareness and fights for change in the maternal mental health field. As a Kansas City native and University of Kansas alum living in enemy territory, Courtney can regularly be found in KU Jayhawks or Kansas City Chiefs or Royals gear. Her recent accomplishments include earning a master's degree in Strategic Communication from Maryville University in 2019, joining the St. Louis Mom's Blog contributing team, and using humor and self-deprecation to get through most of life's crap, especially, uncomfortable situations.
roller coaster cars at the crest of a hill, starting the descent down as the sun sets in the background

Hold On Tight … The Roller Coaster of Motherhood

Strap yourself in for the roller coaster of motherhood— it’s one heck of a ride!   As a kid, I loved roller coasters. I loved the speed and thrill of going high into the sky and...
two hands making the shape of a heart

Crafting a Family Motto: It’s Much Easier Than You Think

Family mottos can unite with just a few, simple words.   “Carpe Diem.” “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” “Women belong in all places where decisions are...
lightning strikes across a gray sky

Weathering the Storm: How to Ease Anxiety During Severe Weather

Know someone with weather anxiety? These tips may help!     My favorite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz. At age two, I had a stuffed animal named Toto, and, as an eleven-year-old, when...
a young boy cradling his head in his hands as he stands outside on a deck overlooking a sun-drenched river

“Practice Makes Perfect” is Crap: How to Overcome Perfectionism

As moms, we learn to decode our child’s cries. A low, nasally one accompanied by the word “no” is usually a whine type of cry. It doesn’t signal an emergency. The other type sends...
a close up of Arrowhead Stadium, where the Kansas City Chiefs play football

Passing Down a Time-Honored Tradition: Chiefs Football

I remember the first time my daughter yelled, “TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY.” I remember the time I said touchdown, and my son threw his arms up, giving the official referee signal. Those were both huge...

Listen to the Voice in Your Head … I Mean … Your Gut.

Moms, listen to the voice in your head: your intuition is stronger than you think.   I was nervous to tell this story. It didn’t feel like my story to share, but I think it’s important...
a white lantern lit on a snowy window ledge next to a ceramic bird and nest

Acronyms to Get You Through the Holidays … or Life for That Matter.

Acronyms are everywhere, especially in the world of texting. BTW, IMO, LOL, SMH, OMG, and my personal favorite, WTF, are quick and easy ways to get a message across. There are acronyms in the...
a purple ribbon on a wooden background to symbolize Alzheimers awareness

We Lost her Twice: A Story of Alzheimer’s Grief

When someone you love suffers from Alzheimers, the grief process cycles over and over.     Season four of This is Us rocked me to my core. Don’t get me wrong, the entire series has me in...

I Don’t Put My Kids In Timeout, and Here’s Why

Let me start by saying not putting my kids in “timeout” doesn’t mean I don’t hold them accountable or discipline them. I absolutely do.    My house is not a free-for-all. When it comes to discipline,...
a photo taken of the back of a young girl as she stands in a field, holding the American flag

Witnessing History in the Making: A Letter to My Daughter

Regardless of your political views, witnessing Kamala Harris run for V.P. of the United States is a win for so many.   Dear Baby Girl, As a four-year-old, you likely won’t remember this moment, but we are...