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Christina Johans

Christina Johans was born and raised right here in the Lou. She is a mom to Sophie & Cooper and a dog mama to Babe (frenchie), Luna (beagle) and Nash (lab). Within the past year she moved to Ballwin with her husband, Spencer. She is the “house manager” and a skincare enthusiast, selling her favorite products when she’s not busy chasing the littles around. Christina Is known for her passion for dogs, photography and friends and family would add “flipping homes” since this will be the third house they’ve lived in, in 4 years! Christina is excited to share what she’s learned so far as being a mom and her life here in the Lou.
a gingerbread house on a table near a Christmas tree

National Gingerbread House Day

Ever wondered where the Christmas gingerbread house tradition originated? To be honest - I’ve never decorated one, so I’ve never really given it much thought. My mother-in-law recently bought us one (from Target &...

National Stress Awareness: Is it Just Stress, or is it Something More?

November 3, 2021 is National Stress Awareness Day.     Growing up, I always had a feeling of “what am I forgetting?”. The first day of school (and literally every day after) had a constant feeling of...
neighbors having a soapbox race in their community

Community: Our Non-Negotiable When Moving

  When I got pregnant with our second child, my husband and I decided it was time to move from our little Glendale bungalow. To be honest, I was super reluctant to move. We had...