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Carol Kerber

Carol is married with four kids, ranging in age from 8 to 18-years-old. She moved to St. Louis when she was 12, and except for four years living in Southern California as a newlywed, she's lived here since. Carol met her husband when they were both in high school in St. Louis. As a Mizzou graduate, Carol began her post-college career in publishing, and then switched gears to teach early elementary. Since having kids, she has been lucky enough to stay home with them. The Kerbers call Castlewood Stables in Ballwin their home. In addition, Carol has always loved to write but had never really given that dream wings until now. She is so inspired to be part of the St. Louis Moms Blog team!

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Father’s Day is near, so what do you do for the spouse who doesn’t acknowledge Mother’s Day?  I noticed a strange phenomenon on social media this past Mother’s Day. If you were on Facebook,...

Happy Birthday To Mom

  Remember when birthdays meant your whole class came over to play musical chairs and have balloon relays until it was time to blow out the candles on a homemade cake? You anticipated the big...

True Success is Earned – Lessons from the College Cheating Scandal

It seems almost comically scripted that a Desperate Housewife finds herself caught up in a college cheating scandal. I can see the storyline unfold as a Desperate Mom, wanting to snag choice opportunities for...