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Carol Kerber

Carol is married with four kids, ranging in age from 8 to 18-years-old. She moved to St. Louis when she was 12, and except for four years living in Southern California as a newlywed, she's lived here since. Carol met her husband when they were both in high school in St. Louis. As a Mizzou graduate, Carol began her post-college career in publishing, and then switched gears to teach early elementary. Since having kids, she has been lucky enough to stay home with them. The Kerbers call Castlewood Stables in Ballwin their home. In addition, Carol has always loved to write but had never really given that dream wings until now. She is so inspired to be part of the St. Louis Moms Blog team!

Sex Drive in Motherhood: Live Instagram Recap with Therapist, Mika Ross

Let’s Talk About Sex Drive with Therapist, Mika Ross!   STLMom is partnering with Legacy Physical Therapy to present our first annual Sexual Health Awareness Week. Legacy Physical Therapy helps women at all stages of their...
a close up of a group of friends, all staring down at their phones

Social Media is Harming Our Mental Health and No One is Surprised

Psssst ... Instagram is harmful to mental health.     Instagram did research to determine its effect on teens. The results are disheartening, to say the least, compounded by the fact that none of us are actually...
Legacy Physical Therapy logo

STLMom LIVE: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Recap

Ever wonder what a pelvic floor physical therapy appointment entails? Well, wonder no more!     We recently sat down with Dr. Brooke Kalisiak of Legacy Physical Therapy. Legacy Physical Therapy specializes in the overall health and strength...

STLMom LIVE: Adolescent Mental Health Recap

Has COVID left you feeling lost about adolescent mental health?  STLMom and Christi Brandenstein of CrossRoads Counseling Center are here to help.     Earlier this week, we aired our Facebook LIVE with Christi Brandenstein, MAC, LPC....
The New York skyline with bright lights shining in place of the Twin Towers

Patriot Day: Sharing 9/11 with Our Children

Patriot Day is a National Holiday to honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001. As parents, we will never forget that day and often talk about where we were and what we were...
a chameleon on a branch

The Death of a Chameleon: There’s No Wrong Way to Handle the Grief

  It was late as we came home from a family party. My husband, Kevin, was anxious to get the kids (and himself) to bed.   As he walked in the door, the sight of the chameleon...
an adoring crowd of fans making hearts with their hands for the musicians on stage

Celebrity Crushes and the Lists We Make :: How They Impact a Marriage

  Celebrity crushes. Got any?   I've been married for a long time— a really, really long time. Over the many years, my husband and I have joked about our "celebrity crush lists," basically celebrities we wouldn't...

Living in the Lou: Ballwin and Ellisville

  The suburbs of St. Louis have so much to offer. Both Ballwin and Ellisville, Missouri, sit about 30 miles west of downtown St. Louis and are regularly ranked as great cities to raise a...
a promposal movie theater marquee that says, "Alexis will you go to prom with me"

Promposals: I D🍩nut Want to go to Prom with Anyone but You

Promposals. Have you heard of them? They’re opportunities for high schoolers to come up with elaborately creative ways of asking each other to prom and most likely record the event for viral posterity. Perhaps...
a dad on a bike pulling his son behind him next to an RV

RV’s Aren’t Just for Retirees: Discover the Perfect COVID Getaway Vehicle

RV life.  It isn’t something I ever expected to experience, at least not before retirement. Yet, we own an RV.   I have a love/hate relationship with RV travel. There’s something about taking your four children, enough...