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Brittney Wheeler


Another Year Around the Sun with My Son

Every year during my birth month of June, I start to think about how I've grown in the last year. This year, I decided to think specifically about the ways I've evolved since becoming...

Receiving Advice as a New Parent

How much advice did you get as a new mom?    Once you announce that you are expecting, it seems as though the advice rushes in from all directions. Family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers...

Local Mother’s Day Ideas for Every Kind of Mama

Looking for a special way to honor the mom in your life this Mother’s Day? One sure way to make her day is to spend time doing something she loves. Maybe she loves a...
a mom on a bench snuggling her toddler as he is in his transformative two’s stage

Embracing the Transformative Twos

Have your little ones gone through the transformative twos yet?   It seems like just yesterday that I was wading through a sea of baby tears and dirty diapers. In many ways, it was just yesterday....
an African American boy holding his father’s hand

Sharing the Dream with My Son: In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It was a cold day in January. I can recall the rich voices of a full concert choir singing at Powell Symphony Hall. The marvelous sound filled the space and captured the audience. Looking...

All I Want For Christmas Is… Peace

What does peace look like for you at Christmas time?     The special time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of year. The weather calls for hot chocolate and cozy blankets on the couch....