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Ashley Ariñez

Ashley and her husband, Matthew, relocated to St. Louis from coastal South Carolina with their growing family (two daughters and pit bull rescue). After three previous losses and becoming a survivor of postpartum depression, Ashley hopes to share her family’s story so that others can see that no matter how dark some days can be there is always hope. You’ll also find her talking about ways to incorporate her passions and culture into her daughter’s lives.

To The Lonely Mama

I know what it's like to be lonely.  Really, I do. I moved from South Carolina to Missouri not knowing one soul other than my husband and daughter. We found a great church to...

Spring After Winter – Pregnancy After Loss

"Baby?" "Yes, baby." My daughter had found an old ultrasound of a baby from a few pregnancies ago and in that moment I thought about how distant our miscarriages felt. It's not every day that...

Why I Love Valentine’s Day (and Ways we Celebrate)

I never had a Valentine until I was 24 (thanks for booing me up, husband!), but I always loved the idea of celebrating it.  Before "Galentine's Day" was a thing I would share sweet...

A Year Like No Other

Today I sang a Christmas song to my daughter before her nap. The holidays have all passed and I’m still feeling the joy that usually ends on December 25 at 9:59pm. Oh, what song? It’s...

A Southerner in the Midwest: Winter Edition

My family has officially been in St. Louis for five months! Both my husband and I are from the deep south and some days it feels like we are in a whole new world. ...

Growing Our Family After Postpartum Depression

Trigger Warning: This piece contains details about one mom’s struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety which may be triggering to others. There I was with a pregnancy test in-hand and tears streaming down my face....

Remembering Our Angel Babies

There’s a candle holder with a small candle that sits on a shelf on a bookcase in our great room. That particular shelf sits closer to the floor and every now and then our...

Finding Peace at the Polls

I love fall, I really do.  But, there’s one part of fall that comes every two years like clockwork that makes me cringe: elections.  What was once a time to express opinions in the polling...

On The Breastfeeding Journey

For months, I was ashamed of the fact that my body simply could not produce milk for my daughter. I went to La Leche League meetings. I visited the brand new breastfeeding center in my town...

When Self-Care Meets Self-Discipline

I did it.  I kicked my husband and 12.5-month-old daughter out of the house.  I did.  I needed to for my well-being and theirs, too. They also needed a break. Self-care is not selfish. I had...