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Ashley Ariñez

Ashley and her husband, Matthew, relocated to St. Louis from coastal South Carolina with their growing family (two daughters and pit bull rescue). After three previous losses and becoming a survivor of postpartum depression, Ashley hopes to share her family’s story so that others can see that no matter how dark some days can be there is always hope. You’ll also find her talking about ways to incorporate her passions and culture into her daughter’s lives.

Dear Girl Dad, You Are Amazing

Hey, girl dad,   You’re killing it. Did you know that? Here you are raising the next generation of fearless women in a world that is far too often ugly and cruel. Here you are doing...

Living in the Lou: Wildwood

  I have always wanted to live in a town. No, not a city or the country, but a town. I wanted to live just close enough to a big city for fun and experiences,...
a dad reaching for his toddler daughter who is sitting on the edge of a pool, ready to get in and swim with him

Swimming in Colors at Foss Swim School: Where Every Month is Water Safety Month

  “Oh, I dress my girls in similar colors when I have them out in public - especially when I’m alone,” I told a friend when she asked why my girls seem to always wear...
a tree with leaves in the shape of a face, and the leaves are blowing away

Anxiety: 5 Things That I Wish People Knew

Hi, my name is Ash, and I struggle with anxiety. Did you know that 40-million adults in the United States also have anxiety? As I type this, I can already feel my anxiety finding...
a woman holding a handheld mirror but in the reflection her eyes are closed

I Stopped Loving Myself (and Ways You Can Learn From Me)

Have you ever looked at a mirror but somehow avoided your reflection? I did that for a while. I would find myself making sure I looked presentable, but I avoided actually looking at myself...
a studio with a microphone set up for a podcast

Podcasts You Should Binge: True Crime Edition

Years ago, my husband and I traveled from our home in Charleston, South Carolina, to his home in Atlanta, Georgia, multiple times a year. During one trip, I decided to begin listening to a...

My Realization About Swim Lessons | Foss Swim School

This post is sponsored by our partner, Foss Swim School. Swim lessons are a life skill, and Foss Swim School allows you to foster this skill safely, even during a pandemic.   First things first, let’s...
an empty room full of moving boxes with a rolled up rug and a teddy bear

For The New Mom in Town, There is a Place For You

I was the new mom in town a couple of years ago - literally two years ago. I let my melancholy consume me, and I hated everything, even when the sun was shining. I still...

To the Dads Supporting Depressed Moms, Thank You

To the dad (and husband) who supported me during my depression: There were days you would come home from work and find me in the same shirt for the second day in a row (it...

From Growing Up Latina to Becoming a Mom: A Journey to Motherhood

Growing up Latinx in America can bring heavy expectations, whether from society or from within. Being proud of the path you walk comes from knowing who you are. “Are you proud of me?” I asked...