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St. Louis

Ashleigh Daniel

Ashleigh is a mother to 3 tiny humans all within a year’s age difference! She has a set of twins (Evie Claire and Decker) and a little girl named Mary Catherine who surprised them! She and her family recently moved to St. Louis after living in Houston, TX for the past 8 years. They are so excited to continue their journey here as her husband is originally from around this area. As for Ashleigh, she’s a born and raised Mississippi girl but has loved living in big cities such as Houston and now St. Louis. When she’s not blogging or “momming”, she enjoys Pure Barre, reading a good book, traveling, farmer’s markets, and exploring new restaurants. She looks forward to getting to know the St. Louis community more!

Living in the Lou: Eureka, Fun for the Whole Family!

Living in the Lou: Eureka originally posted in March, 2020.   When we first moved to St. Louis and looked for a home, we searched the city far and wide. There were so many options and...
woman in a sun hat sitting on a sandy beach, gazing at the water

Simplify for an Uncluttered Life: More Clarity, Less “Stuff”

We made it through January! By far the longest month of every year, it seems. With the new year, many people resolve to simplify or better themselves one way or another, but around March,...

New Baby Meal Train Etiquette

Chances are if you are reading this, you have been on either the giving or receiving end (or both!) of a Meal Train after having a baby move into your home. When we came...

Scheduling Time to Schedule Time

Fall is just around the corner and everyone is getting back into the swing of routines with school, sports practices, dance classes and all the things we sign up for every year in hopes...

Your Baby Can Still Be a “Good” Baby and Have Colic

I remember a time not so long ago when I was in a different season of mom life and wondering why people ask "Are they good babies?" I was about 1 month into being...

The Parent I Thought I Would Be

I was the perfect parent...until I had kids. I'm sure you've heard that phrase or even thought that phrase before. It is such a true statement for me. I used to be somewhat of...

The Ugly Face of Mom Guilt

Happy February!  If you are like me, you have been caught up in the hustle of what the new year brings, aka, putting up Christmas decor, reorganizing and decluttering (hello Marie Kondo)! No resolutions...

Hey Momma…You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be

Oh great, another blog post with someone giving you advice on being a mom. Exactly what you need to read and possibly roll your tired and overwhelmed eyes at. Right? As a blogger, I clearly...

STL Moms: I’m Sorry I Misjudged You

Dear St. Louis Moms, I totally misjudged you and I'm sorry. As you may have read in my bio, I recently moved to St. Louis from Houston, TX. Before that, I was born and raised...

The Momcation: Why You Should Book it Now!

The Momcation...a vacation, but for Moms only! As a mom, we all get overwhelmed, burnt out, exhausted and downright defeated at times. Let's face it, maybe on a daily basis if you are like me....