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Anna Beck

Anna Beck lives in University City with her three young children and husband. She is an attorney and journalist, and maintains the blog, urbanapronblog.com. Anna loves visiting kid-friendly spots around the city and can also be found baking in her kitchen with her toddlers. She loves connecting with other moms around St. Louis and talking about motherhood, work-life balance and healthy living.
homemade chocolate chip cookies

Homemade Cookies: When You Just Need A Big Batch

When only homemade cookies will do.     With three little ones, I have been all about convenience lately. I’ve been spending less time in the kitchen and more time playing. But, when it comes to baking,...
baking with toddlers as two toddlers work at the kitchen counter

How to Enjoy Baking with Toddlers

    Flour plus small hands usually equals a big mess. That may deter some parents from baking with their children, especially when their children are small and may spill easily. But baking in the kitchen...