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Angela Baker

Angela Nelson Baker moved to the St Louis area for grad school 18 years ago and never looked back. Currently she lives in West St Louis County with her husband, two young daughters, a miniature schnauzer and two wily cats. Outside of working and #momlife, Angela enjoys politics, true crime podcasts, HIIT workouts, and drinking a cup of good coffee before it gets cold. Her passion is empowering working mothers and advocating for family-friendly policies in her workplace.

Managing the Holidays When You Don’t Celebrate Christmas

My preschooler LOVES Christmas - Christmas trees, lights, stockings, Santa, the whole nine yards—which is ironic because we don’t technically celebrate Christmas. You see, we’re Jewish. Now, I know there are plenty of...


I recently attended a professional development event on the importance of fostering mentor relationships to move your career forward. As I listened, I wondered whether the same could be said for parenting. I realized...

Forging a Solid Bond: Dog Safety and Toddlers

When I see those cute photos of children piled on top of the family dog, I cringe a little. Did you know dogs don’t actually enjoy hugs or being patted on the top of...

5 Tips to Make Pumping Less Painful

As I get ready to wrap up my second year long stint of exclusive pumping--I’m down to just three 15-minute sessions a day—Woohoo!-- I want to share some tips that I’ve discovered a long...

My Breastfeeding Journey as an Exclusive Pumper…Twice

While I was pregnant with my first daughter, I dreamed about the bond my baby and I would have as we breastfed. “It’s tricky but you’ll get the hang of it,” experts and friend...

Motherhood Firsts: The Medical Emergency Edition

I’ve often thought there should be badges to commemorate certain motherhood moments - The first time you get peed on, the first time you catch vomit in your hands, the first time you reach...

Podcasts for #momlife

Many years now I have been a heavy consumer of podcasts. They are a great way to make the most of a commute, make waiting rooms more tolerable or drown out your cube mate...

Working It Out

It didn’t take long after my first maternity leave ended for me to realize something—The world is still built for families with a stay-at-home caregiver. Many workplaces, schools, and activities are not set up...

Becoming a “Whole-Hearted” Parent

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the enormity of what it means to be a parent? I do. Often. The monumental task of raising my two small daughters to be good humans stretches...