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Angela Baker

Angela Nelson Baker moved to the St Louis area for grad school 18 years ago and never looked back. Currently she lives in West St Louis County with her husband, two young daughters, a miniature schnauzer and two wily cats. Outside of working and #momlife, Angela enjoys politics, true crime podcasts, HIIT workouts, and drinking a cup of good coffee before it gets cold. Her passion is empowering working mothers and advocating for family-friendly policies in her workplace.
skeins of yarn in many colors along with a set of knitting needles

How This Non-Crafter Found Her Creative Outlet: Knitting

A mom and her knitting needles come together during the pandemic.   Hello, my name is Angela, and I’m an un-crafty mom. My version of creating beautiful things has always been with words and writing. Making...

Mom Confessional: I Don’t Eat Dinner with My Kids

Before my first child was born, I envisioned having family dinners every night, perfectly balanced meals served family-style, where the children ate the same thing as the adults without complaining while we conversed about...

Fire Safety Week – What’s Your Safety Plan?

Fire Safety Week is October 4 - October 10.  Confession: I’m a low-key “prepper.” I put together a basement stash for tornado season, pack my car for winter weather emergencies, and now post-COVID, have a...

Take a Page Out of My Book for National Read a Book Day

As pandemic life ambles on, I’m rapidly running out of options for one of my favorite forms of me-time: binge-watching a really great series. The silver lining is that my search for alternate activities...

Running with My Daughter: The Gifts We Give Each Other

It’s natural for our children to pick up on some of our favorite things and make them their own. I mean, my oldest daughter was barely two-years-old when she started asking to go to...

For Such a Time as This: My Family’s Experience with We Stories

A locally based resource that equips parents to raise children in a racially diverse world, We Stories takes a hands-on approach to educating children.   I’d like to take a moment to address my fellow white...

Am I Ready to Be a Mom? : A Journey to Motherhood

  Do I want to be a mom? Am I ready to be a mom? Questions like these flood your heart and mind as you consider becoming pregnant.    On a warm spring evening five years ago,...
woman sitting on a dock

Pandemic 2020 – It’s Okay to Be Just Okay Right Now

There is so much to take in and balance during Pandemic 2020. We all cope differently, and understanding your needs and doing what you can just to survive is truly okay.   Hey fellow mamas, how...
a mom checking items off of her to-do list to lighten her mental load

Managing the Mental Load of Motherhood

Motherhood comes with some serious mental baggage. Learn how to balance the mental load and keep your sanity! Scheduling doctor and dentist appointments. Meal planning. Picking up a gift for a classmate's birthday party. RSVPing...
man and woman holding hands at sunset

Dating Your Partner: Give the Gift of Twelve Months of Dates

Do you and your partner celebrate Valentine’s Day? Are you looking to move beyond chocolates, flowers, or lingerie? Consider giving them the gift of twelve months of dates. If you’re like my husband and...