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Amy Sanders

Amy is in her thirties with three kids under the age of 8, so her kitchen is always stocked with coffee, wine, and goldfish. She works part-time, tries to keep up with her book club, and is fluent in sarcasm. She loves raising her family in St. Louis and couldn’t get by without her tribe (or Netflix).

A Day in the Life of a Part-Time Working Mom of Three

An Unexpected Beginning 5AM:  Alarm goes off. I drag myself out of bed and throw on the workout clothes I laid out the night before, brush my teeth, swipe on some deodorant, and head to...

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Hoodie

As I neared the half-way point of my third-and-final pregnancy (you know, when it's no longer optional to wear your non-maternity clothes), my friend Lauren asked me if I wanted to borrow her maternity...

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! Advice From a Mom of 3

Me before kids: I will NEVER drive a minivan! Me after 1 kid: I don’t NEED a minivan. Me after 2 kids: Still don’t NEED a minivan. Me after 3rd baby was born: We NEED to save...

To Work, Or Not To Work

...that is the question that every new mom or mom-to-be asks herself, her partner, her girlfriends, and even the internet (is there anything we haven’t googled?). And SPOILER ALERT: there is no one “right”...

Birthday Parties on a Budget

As a parent to three young children, I’ve planned and thrown my share of birthday parties (11 and counting!) I fall squarely into the camp of “it’s ridiculous to spend $300+ on a kids’...

Sand in My Bathing Suit: How to Survive a Beach Vacation with Littles

My family loves the beach. Our DESTINation of choice (pun intended) is the Florida panhandle, and we are fortunate enough to get to make it an annual thing. I’m not going to lie to...

“She Comes By It Honest” – Proof That I Am My Father’s Daughter

When I first volunteered to write a post about Father’s Day, I breathed a sigh of relief, because this would be easy! Then, as the deadline came and went, I panicked, because I had...