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Amy Sanders

Amy is in her thirties with three kids under the age of 8, so her kitchen is always stocked with coffee, wine, and goldfish. She works part-time, tries to keep up with her book club, and is fluent in sarcasm. She loves raising her family in St. Louis and couldn’t get by without her tribe (or Netflix).

How To Be A Happy Camper When You’re Not An Outdoorsy Mom

I’ve never considered myself to be a great lover of the outdoors - sure, I appreciate a pretty vista and watching wildlife from afar, but the idea of being coated in bug spray and...

Becoming More Like MY Mom : A Journey to Motherhood

  The first time I really felt like a mom was when I caught myself starting to act more like MY mom. Some of my favorite commercials are from Progressive, where young adults start behaving as...

Easter 2020 – Quarantine Edition: Celebrate While Sheltering-at-Home

Easter in quarantine can be a memorable event, even if we have to tweak our traditions.   The coronavirus may have stopped a lot of things in our lives right now, but it can’t stop Easter!...
volunteer kids and adults wearing hair nets and packaging food for those in need

Volunteer in a Way That is Meaningful for Your Kids

Other than keeping them alive, the most important part of my job as a mom is to raise good people. And in my book, good people are grateful for what they have and find...

Festive Holiday Cocktails (and Mocktails!)

The holiday season offers no shortage of reasons to celebrate, so check out some of my favorite festive drinks to enjoy with friends and family (or by yourself, no judgment here!) And because I...

Choosing Kids Activities Wisely

“Wow - you guys sure are busy!”  As a mom of three, I’ve heard this phrase a lot already, and my kids are only 7, 5, and 2. We’ve tried to strike a good balance...

A Mom of Three’s Fall Bucket List

It's officially fall in St. Louis. Despite my love for tank tops and pool time, I am ready to embrace the transition into the new season. It makes the transition from summer to winter...

Sometimes We All Need a Reset

Sometime deep into the second week of school, my second grader, kindergartener, and terrible two-er hit the proverbial wall. Their bodies were tired, their brains were fried, and dealing with them felt more like...

National Parks Close to Home

When you think about the National Parks Service, I bet you are picturing the big ones: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, etc. I’ve never been a “national parks” person until this summer, and I didn’t...

The Art of the Modern Thank You

We can all agree that we’re not out buying other children birthday gifts, delivering meals to the grieving, and helping out our friends in need just for the thank you notes. But thanking someone...