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Amanda Frederick

Amanda is a native St. Louisan. Amanda is married to David and they live in St. Louis City. They have three children, Jeana, age 4, Solomon, age 3 and Rosa due in September 2018. Amanda currently works part-time as a family nurse practitioner, primarily with women and children, and stays home part-time with her children. Amanda enjoys getting out to explore St. Louis with the kids (especially if it involves coffee), reading and listening to medical information about women's health and breastfeeding, fruitlessly attempting to keep a clean house, and watching Jeopardy with her husband.

Mom: Put Your Health First this Year

As a mom, I am used to putting my kids’ well-being first, often forgetting my own health for the sake of theirs. There are days I live off of the food that falls from...

October Fun in the Lou

October is my favorite month in Saint Louis.  I love the colorful autumn leaves and pumpkins everywhere.  I love taking my kids to festivals, pumpkin farms, and apple picking.  I look forward to a...

Kid Birthday Parties: What Works

Before we had children, my husband and I used to regularly throw parties for our friends. After we had children, birthday celebrations for our kids have taken the place of the parties we used...

Breastfeeding In The Longterm

For 6 years now with the exception of a 6 month break, I have been breastfeeding one or two of my children.  I have three children and have breastfed my older children for 3...

Easy Buttons For Moms

As a mother, so often it seems I have to take the path of most resistance.  Whether it's making sure I have the safest car seats installed correctly or the most educational extracurricular activities...

Summer in St. Louis: 10 Kid-Friendly Patios

Dining out with children can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be impossible! One of my family's favorite summer traditions is outdoor dining. Here is a list of our favorite kid and family-friendly...

Date Night: Prioritizing My Spouse In a Busy Season of Parenting

“See you on the other side.” My husband and I all but said this to each other after we had two babies in less than 20 months. We had double the diapers and two basically non-verbal...

Giving Grandparents A Chance

When I was a child, my brother and I spent every Saturday watching at least 5 hours of cartoons. My mom worked every Saturday, so bright and early she would take us to my grandparents...


Naming a human being is a daunting task for my husband and me as we’ve named our children, so many factors go into picking a name for them.  It has to sound good of...

To-do: Play with my Children

Daily I am struck by just how blessed I am to get to do life with these kids.  Yes, it's chaotic.  Even as I write this with a  four-month-old in my lap, I've been...