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Alicia Steele

Alicia Steele was born in Southern California but grew up in Colorado Springs She has been a military spouse for 16 years, and has spent a total of 8 years at Scott AFB in Southern Illinois. Alicia earned her BA in History and French from Colorado State University in 2006. She is a sewing blogger and creative guru. Alicia spends her time caring for her two sons, Kian 11 and Gaige 8, who are both medically fragile. She is a passionate disability advocate. She cares deeply for children of all abilities. She has consistently spends her time giving back to and advocating for military spouses.
little stuffed hearts made from camouflage military fatigues

How Military Life has Prepared My Family for Covid

Military life is good training for many of the adaptations that life requires us to make.   I have been a military spouse for over 16 years. There are aspects of military life that make it...
a sign with the words Veterans Community Project

Veterans Community Project Comes to St. Louis

I couldn’t let Veteran’s Day pass without highlighting the amazing work of a group of veterans from Missouri. Their organization is called Veterans Community Project, and they recently dedicated land for their newest location...

Local Military Spouse Starts Non-Profit : Spreading Kindness

Today I have to share the work of some of my favorite people in the entire world. I want to highlight some local military spouses who are doing amazing work to spread kindness and...

The Five Best Camping Spots Near St. Louis

Want to know some of the best camping spots near St. Louis? Read on! My family loves camping; we are all about heading outside to enjoy the beauty of nature. There are so many amazing...

Helping Special Needs Families During a Pandemic

Parents win the award for handling social isolation like freaking rockstars. Whether you're a Pinterest mama or just keeping your kids from killing themselves, you are flipping fantastic. But today I ask you to take...