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Alicia Steele

Alicia Steele was born in Southern California but grew up in Colorado Springs She has been a military spouse for 16 years, and has spent a total of 8 years at Scott AFB in Southern Illinois. Alicia earned her BA in History and French from Colorado State University in 2006. She is a sewing blogger and creative guru. Alicia spends her time caring for her two sons, Kian 11 and Gaige 8, who are both medically fragile. She is a passionate disability advocate. She cares deeply for children of all abilities. She has consistently spends her time giving back to and advocating for military spouses.

Helping Special Needs Families During a Pandemic

Parents win the award for handling social isolation like freaking rockstars. Whether you're a Pinterest mama or just keeping your kids from killing themselves, you are flipping fantastic. But today I ask you to take...