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St. Louis

Abby Klosterhoff

Abby is a St. Louis native and an elementary school educator. Abby has been married to her college sweetheart for almost nine years. Abby is a twin mom to five year old twins. By day Abby is a kindergarten teacher and In the evening she is a freelance curriculum writer and loves to share tips for creating a safer home on social media. Her hobbies include diy home projects, creating recipes and meal prepping, spending weekend at the farm, and enjoying family time outdoors. You can follow along with her motherhood journey @abbykristine16

Grieving the End of the “Having Kids” Era

Have you experienced the end of the “having kids” era?     My only pregnancy was not how I expected it. I didn’t expect twins. I didn’t expect an unplanned emergency c-section. I didn’t plan to have my children out...
a young boy fostering independence by filling his own cup at the soda machine

Encouraging Independence

You’re probably laughing right now, thinking, “what is independence??” My children are always touching me, always interrupting me, and are always needing me for something. It’s so much faster if I just do things...