Team Boohoo! First Day of School



Are you on Team Yahoo or Team Boohoo on the first day of school?



Last night, Amy Sanders shared about her school’s Yahoo or Boohoo Parent Coffee on the first day of school. Amy is firmly on Team Yahoo. I, however, am part of Team Boohoo. 



Summer has flown by. I can’t believe it is over. I love the downtime, and the carefree schedule summer brings. 


I do not enjoy the rush of back-to-school shopping and planning. 



In the summer, we spend more time together as a family and have time for more adventures. I love playing the day-to-day by ear. Sure, we make plans and have appointments and scheduled outings in the mix, but for the most part, it’s loose and weather-dependent. 


I do not look forward to the tight schedule the school year brings. After-school activities are fun but can be exhausting when you have kids to shuffle from one place to the next.


This year is especially emotional for me. My oldest is starting middle school. His fifth grade virtual year was very strange, and didn’t feel the same. Sixth grade holds a new school full of new schedules and routines. He’s excited, but I’m nervous. 


a boy going off to middle school as a mom waves goodbye from the car


My youngest starts kindergarten. He’s never been in a formal school setting. We did preschool at home last year. I know he’s ready academically, but what about emotionally? I know he’ll get the routines down, but will he make friends and adjust to the new social situations? 


He knows how to play with others. The youngest of three gets an advantage when it comes to playmates at home. But how will he do interacting with kids his own age?


I think he’s okay with life skills – putting own shoes, zipping jackets, opening things, etc. But he’s always had me to back him up. Do we need to practice more?


The list of things I worry about goes on. I’m sure I’m not alone. The worry and the changes are what make me so emotional this year. 


I know everything will be okay. We have amazing teachers to help them navigate the changes. 


But please excuse my crying on the first day (or week) of school while we (I especially) take a moment to adjust. 


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