Easy Teacher Gifts: Christmas Edition


Show some love with these creative teacher gifts!


Looking for a unique (and something they’ll actually use) teacher gift this holiday season? Look no further for tips and ideas from a current teacher!

First and foremost … Gifts aren’t expected. Listen to that again … Gifts aren’t expected. They are simply appreciated. If it’s not in your budget, don’t stress over it!

Here are a few teacher gift ideas that will win your teacher over this holiday season:


Gift Cards

Don’t forget: paraprofessionals, therapists, and bus drivers!


Amazon Gift Card
“Thanks for being Amazin’ “

Target Gift Card
“Thanks for keeping me on TARGET.”

Coffee Gift Card
Tip: Skip on the mugs and cups, and think of local coffee shops!

“May your days be Merry and Caffeinated!”
“Thanks a latte for all that you do.”
“Have a cup of cheer!”



Classroom Treats

Flair Pens
Tip: we love a good flair pen!

“There’s no denying that you’ve got a FLAIR for teaching!”

EXPO Markers
“Hope you have a RE’MARK’ABLE Holiday season!”




Twisted Sugar


Hot Chocolate Bomb
“You’re the bomb!”

Favorite snack and drink
“You’re all that and a bag of chips!”
“He’s making a list and CHEXing twice.”
“We’re SODA-lighted to wish you a Happy Holiday!”

Nothing Bundt Cakes

“Have nothing BUNDT a great holiday!”

Tip: Avoid homemade treats– unless I know you very well, I probably wouldn’t eat them. 

“No matter how the cookie crumbles, you’re the best teacher around!”

“Thanks a Choco-LOT for all that you do!”
“How SWEET it is to be taught by you.”

“DONUT know what we would do without you.”

Gourmet Popcorn
“Just POPPIN’ by to wish you a Merry Christmas.”
“No one is BUTTER than you!”




Bath House Soap


Hand Soap
Tip: Consider local, handmade soaps
“We WASH you a Merry Christmas!”
“Wash your hands, ya filthy animal.” (where are the Home Alone fans??)

Nail Polish
“For your Mistle-TOES.”

Lip Balm
“You’re the BALM.”
“Merry Kissmas and a Chappy New Year.”

Cozy Blanket or fuzzy socks
“Sleep in heavenly fleece. ”
“Have yourself a COZY little Christmas.”
“Thanks for being TOE-tally amazing.”



Early Retirement- HA!

Lottery Tickets
“I won the Lottery having you as a teacher.”



Most Importantly…

A handwritten note goes a long way.


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Danielle resides in O’Fallon with her husband Devon, two boys Harrison and Nolan, and three dogs! Danielle is a local Autism Teacher, who advocates for all abilities. Danielle and her son are both deaf/ hard of hearing— they’re a hearing aid/ cochlear implant household. Danielle’s hobbies include baking, riding four wheelers, exploring their property, sitting around a campfire, board games, and pinteresting crafts she most likely will never do! You can find The Sawyers at some of their favorite spots: Magic House, Big Joel’s Safari, and Indian Camp Creek!


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