FREE Activities To Do with Your Kiddos this Summer


What are some of your favorite free activities for summer fun?


With summer here, it can be daunting to think of something for those busy kids to do almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Personally, during the school year, my almost 3-year-old is used to going to KDO four days a week and spending a day each week with my parents. So we’ve been lucky to only have to worry about weekend activities. Now that she’s home the majority of the summer, I want to make sure I’m filling her days with fun activities to keep her little mind and body moving— without breaking the bank OR, more importantly, without having the stress of “What do you mean you don’t want to go? I paid “x” amount and we’re all signed up!”, because, well, kids. So here is a list of ideas whether you’re wanting to stay home or venture out!




Free Activities At-Home


Create a “water park.”

Set up several different stations around the back and front yard. You’ll want enough activities to keep your kids running from one to the other without getting burnt out / bored. Below is a list of what we like to do / use:

  • Water table filled with a little water and bag of ice with water / beach toys
  • Bounce house
  • Sprinkler
  • Kiddie pool
  • And toys sprinkled around to play with that are OK getting wet


Water table with ICE:

  • This deserved its own section. Grab your water table and fill it with ICE instead of water. It’s something new to your littles, and they will have a blast scooping up the ice and transferring it from the table, to a bucket, to their kiddie pool.


Art station:

Now is the time to let their creativity soar – outside – where they can make a mess without the fear of using the walls or couch as their canvas

  • Chalk
  • Old cardboard laid out for their canvas
  • Art easel
  • Paint brushes galore
  • Anything in nature – rocks, leaves, pine cones, etc.
  • Washable paint, markers, crayons, etc.


Play stations at home:

If you’re able to, go through their toys and spread them out around the house: your room, basement, kid’s room, playroom, living room, etc. On SUPER-long-never-ending days, this has been a lifesaver! We typically keep some toys in each main room or rooms where we know we will need to be for a period of time and will need to keep the kids occupied. Even just a small change of scenery and a different toy (without having to go out and buy more— been there, done that) can boost their mood and keep them from getting bored.



Free Activities Outside the House:


On days where you’re feeling up to getting out, there are SO many simple activities you can do on a whim, without spending a dime – that will keep you and your little(s) sane.


  • Create a Park bucket list and visit as many as you can.
  • Visit a new splash pad each week.
  • Hit up the ZOO.
  • “Cousin Camp” – pick days where you rotate whose house hosts! Get as many of the cousins together for play dates to wear them out for nap time.
  • Check out your local library – many have reinstated their kid’s programs, such as take-and-make crafts and story time- along with having kid’s play sections.


Hope these have been helpful and happy Summer! We’ve got this, mamas.



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