Dear Violet: A Letter for Your 5th Birthday



To my dear Violet Faith, on your 5th birthday,


To say the past five years have been a wild ride would be an understatement. From the moment science confirmed you were joining this world, you have kept me on my toes. The need for maternity clothes as soon as I peed on that stick, the early onset back pain, and the weekly doctor’s appointments to monitor your possible dilated bowel were just the beginning of our journey. 


Your arrival was uneventful, unrushed, and calm. Thanks to your stubborn sister, who needed to arrive by cesarean delivery, I knew the exact day I would get to meet you. At 9:15 a.m. on December 18, 2015, I got to hold you in my arms. Your perfect nose, chubby cheeks, and full head of jet-black hair (holy heartburn Batman) had me mesmerized.


Before I fully enjoyed the pure bliss I was experiencing, you were whisked across the hall for an x-ray to determine if you did, in fact, have a dilated bowel. Confirmation of this condition would have required almost immediate surgery. Watching the movement in the dark room across the hall while your x-rays were being done were the most excruciating 15 minutes of my life. Thankfully, you were returned to me, with the results being that you were perfectly healthy.


a baby with jet black hair, swaddled in a red blanket, sucking her thumb


Two days later, we brought you home to complete our family of four and the rest is history. The first four years of your life were eventful, to say the least. Due to RSV, you have overcome a lengthy hospitalization and multiple surgeries, and now you’re living through a pandemic. You are growing and learning new things everyday and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings us.


During your fifth year, we will still be dealing with a pandemic, and you will be going to kindergarten and experiencing all new things. I am so excited about all of the things that are still yet to come for you. There are a few things I want you to know when you are entering into this new exciting world as a big kid. 


  1. Not everyone you meet is going to be kind. I already know you are like your mama, and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You want to see the good in people. Do not let them crush your spirit or your drive. You were born to do great things and inspire people. 
  2. You will make mistakes, and you will fail. It’s okay; you will learn more from your mistakes than you would from never failing. You won’t be right all the time (this will be a hard pill to swallow … trust me). 
  3. This one may take a while to learn, and you may get hurt several times, but find your people. Your people will be the friends that you call family. The people that you can unapologetically be yourself around even at your worst. When you find them, don’t let them go. 
  4. Last, but not least, I am always here for you. I never want you to be afraid to come to me with ANYTHING. I will unconditionally love you … NO MATTER WHAT. I want you to love who you want to love and be who you want to be. 


Violet, a little blonde girl with big blue eyes, smiling for the camera


So Goobies, let me end with this. To me, you are perfect. The way you can persuade me to do anything with those sparkly blue eyes. The way you climb into bed with me at night and ask me to hold your hand as your tiny body curls right against mine. It is all perfect. I can’t wait to see the amazing person you grow into over the next year. I love you with all my heart, and nothing can ever change that. 


Happy Birthday, Violet!